[X Newbies] help! cd, net and help viewer gone south

Michel Eytan eytan at umb.u-strasbg.fr
Sat Apr 3 06:38:31 PST 2004

Thus hath held forth Mac OS X Newbies at 9:40 pm -0800 on 2-04-2004 re
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> Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 09:39:37 -0500
> Subject: Re: [X Newbies] help! cd, net and help viewer gone south
> From: Alex <alist at sprint.ca>
> Message-Id: <9124A08B-84B3-11D8-BF01-000A95ED19C8 at sprint.ca>
> On Friday, Apr 2, 2004, at 04:18 Canada/Eastern, Kirk McElhearn wrote:
>> On 4/2/04 11:15 AM, "Michel Eytan" <eytan at umb.u-strasbg.fr> wrote:
>>> I can no longer get CDs to mount on my iBook G4 under Panther connect
>>> to the
>>> Net, or ask questions in Mac Help.
>>> The only thing I have modified is to plug in a Logitech Cordless Mouse
>>> without any driver, the CD that came with the mouse' only had a OS9
>>> driver)...

> Next, use the basic troubleshooting technique in OS X: create a new
> user and see if you can reproduce the problem (cf.
> <http://www.macattorney.com/tutorial.html#Anchor-58320>.
> This is a first step towards isolating the problem. If the new user has
> the same issues, then the problem is system-wide; if not, then the
> problem is with your settings, and you cant take it from there.

Well, root has the same problem, so...

Nevertheless I shall try it out, thank you. I admit being reticent to create
additional users, if only for security reasons and for not knowing (damn
OSX!) what residue remains in the box if (and when) I delete the newly
created user.

I could also of course simply reinstall the System. However I have been
forced to do this in the recent past and I then got an Previous System folder
that contained stuff (probably corresponding to items I had installed myself)
that did not exist in the new System -- so that I had to move the items by
hand to the new System folder, correcting permissions etc. etc. I am not
ready to start this again (damn OSX, again! and I mean a stronger word than

> f

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