[X Newbies] Picture Stamp on email messages?

birgit rhoads wdlnd at adelphia.net
Mon Apr 5 07:05:26 PDT 2004

Thank you Mike!  Your explanation is the best yet.  I can see now where 
the mail picture issue can cause confusion.


On Apr 5, 2004, at 9:33 AM, Michael Winter wrote:

> On Apr 3, 2004, at 11:28 AM, Barry wrote:
>> Now there is probably no shortage of people on this list who already 
>> knew this and could have saved me a lot of time and trouble, but 
>> alas, I was curious and couldn't wait for their responses. :-) thanks 
>> to Birgit Rhoads and Bob Geiger to helping.
> You're right, if you would have just waited a couple days I could have 
> explained it to you :-)
> Just to keep the "security conscious" from worrying, I'll point out 
> that (contrary to what was implied in another message) there is no 
> case where Mail is accessing anyone else's computer to get any 
> information (in this case a picture).
> So IIRC it works like this (for Apple's Mail app only) :
> 1) When you receive a message, Mail looks at the sender's address, 
> then looks in your address book for an entry with that email address.
> 2) If it finds that email address in your address book and there is a 
> picture associated with it, it will display that picture in the 
> message and the process ends.
> 3) If the sender's email address is not in your address book, or it 
> does not have a picture associated with it, then Mail will check to 
> see if the sender's address is a .mac address.
> 4) If the mail did come from a .mac address, then Mail will query 
> Apple's .Mac servers to see if that user has submitted an image to be 
> used with their email. If yes, it will download that image from Apple 
> (not the sender), place it in your address book and display it. If 
> there is no image "registered" with Apple for that email address no 
> image is displayed.
> All this is designed to minimize the need to download images -you only 
> download any given image once.
> So as for some of the "curious" behavior.
> Someone changes their picture on .Mac and asks you how you like the 
> new image. Problem is, you still see the same old image. The reason 
> for that is Mail has previously downloaded the image and saved it to 
> your address book. Since Mail always looks at your address book first, 
> it won't "see" the new image unless you erase the old one from your 
> computer first.
> You see an image in your own email messages, but you've never set one 
> up on .Mac. That's because Mail is pulling the image from your address 
> book. I don't know when OS X started doing it, but somewhere along the 
> lines it started automatically placing the image you may have assigned 
> for your login image into your address book entry.
> I hope that's somewhat clear.
> -Mike
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