[X Newbies] IE/OE vs. Safari/Mail

Joe Ellis jellis at gdeb.com
Wed Apr 7 05:59:22 PDT 2004

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> on the fateful day of 4/6/04 1:08 PM, in a dazzling display of literary
> acumen, Alex at alist at sprint.ca altered the course of history by digitally
> penning the words:
> > There is no Microsoft "internet suite" for Mac OS X. Neither Internet
> > Explorer nor Outlook Express are any longer developed, and there is no
> > OS X-native version of the latter. But I suppose you can always have
> > fun with MSN Messenger...
> Oh. :^/ Thanks. Does Mail import the OE mail database?
> --
While there is no Outlook Express for OS X there is Microsoft's Entourage
which replaces OE and does an excellent job as an email client. And while
Safari is an Apple product; it intgrates with Entourage just fine.

Joe Ellis

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