[X Newbies] Epson 3000

CP vze2rwkt at verizon.net
Sun Apr 18 05:42:27 PDT 2004

I have a 3000 as well, and I'm able to print to it, but maybe because 
it's hooked up to a 8600 via a network.

****BY the way - I bought some of the ink cartridges from LaserMonks for 
$8.90 EACH, and they work GREAT!!!! This is so much cheaper, I thought 
for sure they would be junk, but boy was I Surprised when they came in 
(they look the same) and print just fine - one hell of a savings that's 
for sure!

4 cartridges for LESS ($35.60) than the price for just 1 ($64.90) from 

You may have to use the Epson Print Driver, which IS different then the 
others, you'll also find it, in the Library folder on your hard drive 
NOT the one in the systems folder!


Alex wrote:

> On Friday, Apr 16, 2004, at 10:20 Canada/Eastern, Bobbo wrote:
>> NOW: Will someone please tell me why it continues to be impossible to 
>> print
>> from this wonderful, evolved, ready for prime time OSX 2.8 to my Epson
>> 3000? When I try to add the printer after reinstalling the driver, I 
>> have 2
>> choices that apply: USB and Epson USB. USB shows the 3000, but says 
>> "Driver
>> Not Installed."
> Always choose "Epson USB" for Epson printers. (Presumably this is the 
> Epson Stylus Color 3000.)
>> When I choose "Epson USB" it lists no printers at all.
> This usually suggests a communication problem with the printer.
>> [...] Whenever I try to print to the blessed thing, it always says 
>> "Job Stopped."
> So, the printer driver is installed (otherwise you couldn't try to 
> print to it). Is the "Start Jobs" button in the printer window 
> activated? What happens when you click on it?
> Another issue. In the Printer List, select the printer and click 
> Configure. This should launch the Epson printer utility. Does this one 
> see the printer?
> f

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