Mouse and Keyboard

Charles Martin chasm at
Tue Apr 20 10:23:10 PDT 2004

> From: J <themacintoshlady at>
> My mouse and keyboard have been 'losing it' a lot lately and I have to
> unplug and plug in again. Sometimes I have to plug each into it's own
> USB slot to make them work.
> Are there some prefs I can trash to make the USB connection more
> reliable? The computer seems to be frozen when this happens.

Your description makes it sound like the problem resides with the mouse 
and keyboard, not the computer. Why not just replace them, or at least 
plug in a different mouse/keyboard and see if the problem continues?

Do you have anything else attached to your USB ports (either on the 
computer or the "spare" one on the keyboard) that draws power? Is it 
possible it could be drawing too much power? The prime culprit in these 
cases is an unpowered USB hub.


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