[X Newbies] Browser and Mail Qs

Alex alist at sprint.ca
Wed Apr 21 08:51:53 PDT 2004

On Wednesday, Apr 21, 2004, at 10:26 Canada/Eastern, Bob Geiger wrote:

> I'm trying to move my data from an iMac running 10.3.3 over to a G4 
> AGP running 10.3.3. I've installed the software and have been emailing 
> files to myself and burning CDs to bring some data in.[...]

Emailing files to yourself?! Burning CDs?! Unless those two Macs can't 
be networked or or hooked together by E-net or FireWire (e.g., because 
they're in separate locations), that's needlessly complicated and 
time-consuming. You should just bring over your entire user folder. For 
a one-time move, FireWire Target Disk Mode would be my choice if 
they're in the same room or can be moved around. Failing that, either a 
direct Ethernet hook-up or network. If that isn't feasible either, use 
a backup tool (e.g., Retrospect) to back up your old user folder to 
removable media, then restore it on your new machine. Much easier than 
moving files one by one. And you should own a good backup tool anyway.

(I wonder why Apple doesn't provide a utility for this task, a la Win 
XP. Or at least a comprehensive KB article. After all, it's bound to 
come up again and again.)

> [...] MIE (5.2) - I can't import the bookmarks that I set up as an 
> export file.

Favorites > Organize Favorites, File > Import Favorites...

> Safari (1.2.1) - Again, I'd like to import the bookmarks I already 
> have in Safari on the iMac.


Replace the new one with the old one.

> Mail (1.3.7) - Can I create mbox files of my mail and email them to 
> myself and then just put them in a directory for Mail?


Copy the old one over the new one.


Copy everything from the old one to the new one.


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