[X Newbies] Hard drive space

Eugene Lee list-themacintoshguy at fsck.net
Thu Apr 22 01:03:11 PDT 2004

On Wed, Apr 21, 2004 at 08:25:42PM -0600, Jennifer Thomas wrote:
: I have another question.
: Given this:
: >
: > I have a year 2000 model iMac (version = 32.1) 350 Mhz, Power PC G3 
: > using Mac OSX 10.2.8.  I do not have firewire.
: ..Is there anything special about Apple's system that requires a 
: particular kind of Hard Drive?


: Or can I buy any old drive?

Older Macs (including the above) doesn't support 48-bit LBA.  The means
that you shouldn't buy a hard drive larger than 137.4 GB, because the
IDE hardware itself doesn't recognize hard drives this big (or bigger).

The highest capacity standard hard drive you can buy is a 120 GB unit,
as I don't think anyone makes anything larger below the above limit.

Eugene Lee

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