Browser and Mail Qs

Charles Martin chasm at
Thu Apr 22 01:40:23 PDT 2004

> From: Bob Geiger <rbgeiger at>
> I'm trying to move my data from an iMac running 10.3.3 over to a G4 AGP
> running 10.3.3. I've installed the software and have been emailing
> files to myself and burning CDs to bring some data in. Now I want to
> move some pesky data files over. My question is, where they are?
Is there some reason why you can't simply hook the two machines 
together via ethernet or firewire and transfer files that way?

If there is, why not simply back up your iMac user folder onto a 
portable hard drive (or burn some CDs as needed), and then copy that 
data into your new user folder? Seems like a simpler approach to me.


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