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matblack at mac.com matblack at mac.com
Sat Apr 24 15:04:17 PDT 2004

>> At the suggestion of a few on this list I bought and ran Onyx,
>> strangely since then my systems been running a little clunky.
> First you have to explain to me how you bought freeware.
>>  I just
>> launched it again to see if I had initiated something that might cause
>> it, and for some reason OnyX sees my machine as 667MHz, not the 1gig 
>> it
>> is...
>> Would that make any difference?
> It's quite possible that OnyX could have a bug dealing with such a 
> large amount of RAM.
1 gig PROCESSOR...
>  Contact the developer and see if he's had any similar reports -- ISTR 
> that he used to but supposedly fixed those problems. What version are 
> you running (latest version for Jaguar is 1.3.1)? If you are using 
> anything higher than that, you've downloaded the Panther version and 
> that might be the problem right there.
Nope definitely using the 10.2.8 version...
>> Any ideas why Onyx might make this thing run sluggishly?
> See above, but also explain what you mean by "ran" the program. Did 
> you tinker with a lot of settings? Did you run the "automate" section?
I did not actually tinker with it that much... just checked a few 
options... and yes did run the automate thingy...

Actually it's funny, everything seems to have settled down and is 
running smooth and fast now...


Matthew Guemple
c. 646.734.6601
matblack at mac.com

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