[X Newbies] Hard drive space

Michael Winter winter at mac.com
Thu Apr 29 07:48:37 PDT 2004

On Apr 29, 2004, at 8:33 AM, Mark Des Cotes wrote:

> I have a slot loading 400 MHz iMac that I'd like to put a larger HD 
> into (currently 8 GB) I have no problem opening up the unit and 
> swapping the drives. But how can I get transfer the info on my old 
> drive to the new one. I don't have access to a firewire or usb drive 
> to do a temporary transfer. Can two drives be connected internally at 
> the same time on an iMac?

You could probably do it by replacing the CD drive with one of the hard 
drives, but unless you're very comfortable doing this kind of work and 
understand the potential hazards,  I would really recommend against it.

Other than that if you don't have access to another drive do you have 
access to another computer? Options here would be (in preferential 
order) :

(1) Another Mac with Firewire so that one of them can be used in Target 
Disk Mode to temporarily transfer files. Target Disk Mode is just a way 
of making a Mac temporarily act like its just a fancy Firewire drive.

(2) Another Mac (or even a PC)  that can be connected via ethernet to 
temporarily transfer files via a LAN

(3) If you have broadband access you could also transfer files to 
another computer anywhere on the internet temporarily -for example a 
friend or relative who has a computer, a broadband connection, and some 
available drive space. This can take a long time depending on how many 
MB (or GB) of data you want to transfer.

(4) I'm tacking this one on just because it looks like maybe you don't 
have a way to back up your data. You might want to consider getting a 
cheap Firewire or USB CD-R drive so you can burn your data onto CDs.

If it looks like any of these is a possibility and you want more info, 
just drop another note to the list.


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