[X Newbies] Help: 2nd E-Mail Account in mac.mail.com

Albert D'Amanda adamanda at mac.com
Fri Feb 13 05:44:46 PST 2004

On Feb 12, 2004, at 4:51 PM, birgit rhoads wrote:

> Albert, I am confused (not unusual).  Is the second e-mail account 
> another .mac account other than your own?  If not, you have to enter 
> the name of your POP server for send and receive.  .Mac is just for 
> your .Mac account.  Birgit

I will try to simplify my problem

I am using the Apple Mail Application that installs with Panther

The Server for mac Mail  is ; mac.mail.com

Using Mail Preferences and Accounts, I successfully setup my primary  
e-mail account

Using Mail Preferences -Accounts; I generated  a second e-mail account  
with a new address and new password but using  the SAME Server 

I now have installed two separate e-mail accounts ( ?) , using mac Mail 
Application with the ONE server , mac.mail.com

The second e-mail account does list in the In Mailbox Panel.

The problem:

When I try to send mail to the address in the second account, I get an 
error graphic telling me that the second e-mail account does not 
recognize my assigned password and to type in the password.. I then 
type in the assigned password but the same error graphic displays

Is this telling me that with the Mac Mail Application I cannot use two 
different e-mail addresses  using the SAME Mac Mail Server?


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