[X Newbies] Getting rid of Admin Passwords

W Lane wilann at telusplanet.net
Mon Feb 16 18:45:03 PST 2004

On Feb 16, 2004, at 17:17, Ken Poppers wrote:

> I have a Powerbook G4 using Panther from work,  I do not have admin 
> access, so I can't connect to the internet (other than my employer's 
> web site) software update, etc.  I want to kill off the admin and 
> convert it to a single user.
> I was thinking of restarting the computer as a firewire hard drive and 
> grabbing all the offending files and trashing them, but I don't know 
> exactly which ones to get.  Any ideas?
> The computer was paid for by a grant, not by my employer, but tech 
> services imaged it as if it is an "on site" computer, not one for home 
> use.
> Thanks

Have you asked the IT folks to do this for you? They might. Failing 
that, if they say 'no', then what are the repercussions of you messing 
with company equipment in an unauthorized fashion? Once you have 
considered that then there are a couple of ways to proceed.
First option -
Do you have Panther install disks? If so, insert the first CD and, once 
it starts up, use the 'reset user password' option. Then, when you 
restart, you'll be able to administer the system as it is. Why mess 
with what already works?

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