[X Newbies] A Really Newbie Question

Alex alist at sprint.ca
Tue Feb 17 05:13:44 PST 2004

On Monday, Feb 16, 2004, at 22:57 Canada/Eastern, Bob Geiger wrote:

> What is the proper name for
> the OS. Is it "X" or "Ten"?

It's a FAQ, really -- or it should be. Officially, (that is, from on 
high from Cupertino), X stands for the numeral 10. However, an astute 
observer (David Pogue, I think) noticed that Apple doesn't much mind 
when people refer to it as [eks] rather than [10]. Apparently, computer 
merchandise with [eks] in the name sells well (you didn't think "XP" 
was just a coincidence, did ya?).


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