[X Newbies] updating to Panther on new HD

Aranzazu caranzazu at union-city.k12.nj.us
Tue Feb 17 06:15:50 PST 2004

>This is actually a good way to do it.
>1. Clone your Jaguar installation onto the new disk using Carbon Copy Cloner.
>2. Do either an upgrade or a clean install of panther onto the new
>disk.  Many people recommend clean install, but I've done it both
>ways and the upgrade install is much easier. If you're having
>problems in Jaguar, the clean install is safer.
>3. Set startup disk to the new disk and you should be in business.
>This way avoids the setup of user prefs that can be fairly
>4. When you're happy with Panther (which will be quickly!), you can
>upgrade your other disk too. That gives you two installations, which
>is a big help if you ever have problems; you can switch to the other
>one and run disk utilities form it.

This is some good advice. Chris knows what he is talking about. I 
couldn't have said it better myself

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