[X-Newbies] The Mystery of Missing Email Messages

Richard Bienvenu BienvenuR at missouri.edu
Wed Oct 6 13:58:44 PDT 2004

I'm not an OS X Mail user, but my wife is and I can't help her with a 
serious problem.

A whole slew of messages that she thought she'd moved to a new folder 
(or mailbox in Eudoraspeak) simply disappeared. She selected 'em all 
and dragged them to the new mailbox of "Family and Friends," but now 
they're gone. A whole year's worth. Which in itself is 
interesting--why did all the messages from 2003 simply disappear. The 
new mailbox is empty and, while I didn't watch what she was doing, I 
doubt very much that she put them in the trash and then emptied the 

Thanks for the help,

Richard Bienvenu

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