[X-Newbies] Apple Script-Ref: Slow Start Up

Robert E.Mayorga remayorga at comcast.net
Thu Apr 14 12:26:01 PDT 2005

This is in reference to John McGibney's post response of 10 April:
Hello John: I read your inputs a few days ago where you were responding 
to someone's "slow Start Up." You also recommended running an Apple 
Script, which I tried, but it gave me an error right at the beginning 
of the script after clicking Compile.
I did as you recommended: "In order to run this script, simply open the 
application Script Editor
(located in Applications/AppleScript on a standard installation), 
create a new file, paste the above script, click "Compile" then click 
"Run." You will be asked for your administrator password several times.

Any thoughts or ideas.

Thanks in advance and regards, Bob
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