[X-Newbies] Application Failures in OS 10.3.8

John McGibney ncicchek at optonline.net
Sat Apr 16 17:47:01 PDT 2005

Try downloading and reinstalling Java 1.4.2 from apple's site.
It fixes most causes of Safari crashing. This might be the cause of the
other crashes as well.


> Having issues with my applications unexpectedly
> failing during use. The messages that I get are all
> similar with the first bracketed information being the
> application that just failed. They look something like
> this:
> The application "(null)" could not be launched because
> of a shared library error: "F<(name of app.
> here)><Apple;Carbon;Multimedia><CFMPriv_DVComponentGlue><>
> I have gone to my System Folders and tried deleting
> any redundancies, but that has not seemed to help this
> matter any.
> I am also not having real good luck with Safari, as it
> will unexpectedly close due to an inability to find
> Shockwave Flash plug-in. I have attempted to go to the
> Shockwave website, but that causes instantaneous
> closure of Safari. Evidently, my machine can't find
> this plug-in and I can't seem to download it because
> Safari can't stay open long enough.
> Has anyone out there encountered this? Can anyone
> assist me in this incredibly frustrating adventure?
> Thanks,
> Carlie

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