[X-Newbies] Application Failures in OS 10.3.8

Carlie Van Winkle coalcreekcarlie at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 17 11:57:45 PDT 2005

I had entrusted the upgrade of my system to a
professional who works with these machines more often
than I. He replaced my hard drive (mine was dead),
increased my RAM, and also upped my processor from a
G3 to a G4. He told me that I have a partition that
would be very touchy. (I really am not completely
clear on what this means.) When I got my machine back,
I noticed that I had (3) System Folders. One on my OS
X hard drive, and (2) others in another location named
Large Hard Drive (containing information from my dead
hard drive). When I contacted this professional about
the errors coming up on my screen, he said he didn't
know the root of the cause, but suspected that I have
duplicate conflicting documents, extensions and/or
plug-ins. He suggested that I delete the (2) other
System folders that I found on the "large hard drive"
and then research the errors that I was getting on the

I opened all three of the System Folders and
transfered folders found in the Large Hard drive and
not found on the OS X hard drive to that folder. I
then deleted the (2) extra folders. I still have the
errors popping up, and no idea of how to fix them.

Should I reinstall OS X myself, how would I go about
it? I am afraid of my machine crashing yet again...it
has crashed since it's return from getting
repaired--all just from trying to install some needed
software that was lost from my old hard drive. I
needed to have the technician come back to boot from
his disk, and then do some minor adjustments. 

I'm trying to learn, but this newer system seems so
out of reach.

--- Alex <lists at lexial.ca> wrote:
> On Apr 16, 2005, at 4:55 PM, Carlie Van Winkle
> wrote:
> > The application "(null)" could not be launched
> because
> > of a shared library error: "F<(name of app.
> >
> Bad news. I suspect your OS installation is toast.
> The message says that the DVComponentGlue framework
> has generated an  
> error. It could be missing, but I think it's more
> likely corrupt. Check  
> if
> DVComponentGlue
> is present. If it is, then it's corrupt (and
> probably not the only one).
> You could try to replace it with a fresh copy from
> another Mac OS X  
> install or backup, but I doubt it will work. Someone
> with a deep  
> understanding of Mac OS X could probably tell you
> precisely which files  
> to replace, but even then it might not work, because
> in all likelihood  
> other libraries are also corrupt.
> What caused the corruption? Unless you've gone and
> deleted some  
> libraries yourself, then it's either a damaged hard
> disk, or bad RAM.  
> You'll have to check your hard disk and RAM for
> errors, and then  
> re-install the OS, either from the original discs or
> from a backup.
> > I have gone to my System Folders and tried
> deleting
> > any redundancies, but that has not seemed to help
> this
> > matter any.
> Hm, "System Folder" is a Mac OS 9 concept. If you
> mean you've deleted  
> files from the Mac OS X system folders (/System,
> /usr, etc.), then  
> naturally you're toast. You should leave those
> folders severely alone;  
> in fact, the OS doesn't allow you to change anything
> there unless you  
> authenticate yourself as root or admin user.
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