[X-Newbies] Application Failures in OS 10.3.8

Alex lists at lexial.ca
Sun Apr 17 12:44:17 PDT 2005

On Apr 17, 2005, at 2:57 PM, Carlie Van Winkle wrote:

> He [...] increased my RAM, and also upped my processor from a
> G3 to a G4 [...]

Perhaps you should begin by giving us the precise details of your Mac 
hardware and OS version.

> [...] When I got my machine back,
> I noticed that I had (3) System Folders.

System Folder is the Mac OS 9 system. Under OS X it's only used for 
fonts and for running Classic. It has nothing to do with the errors you 

Judging from what you said so far, I'd say that this is what needs to 
be done: (1) verify that the correct firmware for the processor upgrade 
has been installed, (2) verify the physical integrity of the boot disk, 
(3) verify the RAM, (4) if all previous tests are passed, reinstall Mac 
OS X from scratch, with the "Archive and Install" option, (5) reinstall 
Mac OS X upgrades as required.

> Should I reinstall OS X myself

I'd say whoever did the initial work should do this. In fact, it should 
be covered by the technician's warranty.


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