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kd00311 at yahoo.com kd00311 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 25 06:09:10 PDT 2005

I'll see if its worth it for her to spend that much and I'll also look
over the link from Alex regarding the RIAA curve when I get a little
time later today.
Thanks much!

--- Charles Martin <chasm at mac.com> wrote:
> > From: "kd00311 at yahoo.com" <kd00311 at yahoo.com>
> > My aunt has an iMac G4 LCD.. The 1st release of the flat panels, I
> > beieve.
> >
> > She has some old records she wants to burn to CD and she asked how
> she
> > would do that. I had done this before with some cassette tapes with
> my
> > G4  450dp and I said, simple.
> 1. Buy iMic. It includes a CD to install Final Vinyl. $35 from
> Griffin 
> or $40 from Apple Store.
> 2. Connect iMic to computer.
> 3. Connect RCA plugs from turntable to iMic. No pre-amp needed. Be
> sure 
> to ground the TT or you'll get hum.
> 4. Open Final Vinyl. Read the help file.
> 5. Start record playing. Click on "record."
> 6. When finished, drag the resulting AIFF files into iTunes, convert 
> them to MP3 and delete the AIFFs (saves a LOT of space), and burn CD
> of 
> converted album.
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