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Michele Forrester macuzr at insightbb.com
Wed Apr 27 04:53:39 PDT 2005

On 4/27/05 Charles Martin wrote:
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>>From: Alex <lists at lexial.ca>
>>Subject: Re: [X-Newbies] Re: iMac - audio input
>>>3. Connect RCA plugs from turntable to iMic. No pre-amp needed.
>>"NOTE: Turntables require pre-amplification and a special equalization
>>curve (called the RIAA curve). You need the receiver/amp that you would
>>ordinarily use with your turntable, since you can't connect it directly
>>to the iMic."
>I acknowledge that it does indeed say that, but it is emphatically 
>NOT TRUE. I record vinyl LPs directly to the iMic ALL THE TIME, and 
>I assure you that it does indeed work WITHOUT a pre-amp. Indeed, 
>this was *specifically* why I bought it -- because it has the RIAA 
>curve and pre-amp BUILT IN.
>Indeed, the product *actually comes with* the RCA to 1/8" converter 
>plug (pictured in the document you quoted) specifically so you CAN 
>connect a turntable directly to the iMic. I suspect that the 
>documentation is simply out of date and reflects an earlier version 
>of the product.

An off the wall question...will this also allow you to use cassette 
tapes from that same turntable system? I have lots of tapes that I 
have made from albums and now have no way to get back to the albums 
(who KNEW CD's were going to stay??? LOL). I would love to be able to 
transfer those to CD's as well.

With all this information I think I can DO this myself! Are there any 
tips/ideas for the beginner record to CD maker?


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