[X-Newbies] SSH and config file

Chris Walker chris at mymac.demon.co.uk
Sun Dec 4 10:55:32 PST 2005

Hi Norman: 

Thanks for this - it's a great way of doing it.  Actually after finding
the file I dropped it on BBEdit to open it and then saved a copy.

Just one more point. I think BBEdit saves the file in the format in
which it found it.  In this case a straight "Save" of the file opened as
above, would be MacRoman with Unix line endings.  Is this correct?

Does it matter if BBEdit puts an icon on the file?  At present it is blank.

Regarding the file, I made sure everything was backed up in duplicate
before I started playing around!!



>Try this:
>Open a new Finder window.
>Choose the Go:Go to Folder menu item (or cmd-shift-g).
>Type "/etc" without the quotation marks.
>You will now be in the /etc directory and sshd_config can be found in  
>that directory. Drag the file to your text editor of choice. Since  
>this is an important file, you will probably want to make a copy  
>first to serve as a backup. Also, editing will require  
>authentication, since this is a file owned by root.
>Alternatively, if you have TextWrangler (a terrific program by the  
>way), you can choose the File:Open Hidden option to get into your  
>unix directories like etc, usr, var.
>Lastly, Spotlight, by default, doesn't search in the unix core  
>directories. There are ways you can change that if you choose, but  
>the greatly increased number of files that need to be indexed does  
>slow Spotlight down a bit. For searching for those files, I tend to  
>use the locate or find command in the Terminal.
>Norman A. Cohen
>nacohen at mac.com
>"I adore simple pleasures. They are the last refuge of the complex."
>Oscar Wilde
>On Dec 4, 2005, at 03:28 AM, Chris Walker wrote:
>> I guessed that's where it *should* be but it is not visible.  I did
>> wonder if it was in the system folder but obviously not.  Spotlight
>> won't find it either.
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