[X-Newbies] Netscape help… where?

Karl Roger Edward Albert Lalemand vze2rwkt at verizon.net
Wed Dec 14 07:00:17 PST 2005

Might someone know, if the is a "Board" or News Group" I can go to for 
Netscape help?

In case anyone here is good with Netscape, here is my problem:

I'm using Netscape 6.2.2 on one of my Mac's, and I'm having an issue 
when it comes to printing out emails.

It prints out all kinds of "Stuff" before it even gets to the email (at 
least 1 page of "Junk" before it even gets to the "Body" message.

Now on another one of my Mac's, using Netscape 7.2, all I had to do, to 
stop this, was go to the "View Headers" and make sure it is on "Normal", 
but that isn't making any difference on the 6.2.2 version (Mac OS 9.2). 
Is there a newer version of the older Mac, and will that fix this issue, 
or is the another setting that I need to change / fix.


vze2rwkt at verizon.net

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