[X-Newbies] Re: windows in X

Vincent Cayenne vcayenne at mac.com
Fri Dec 16 03:57:09 PST 2005

At 9:35 AM +1100 12/16/05, David Elmo wrote:
>I want my old os 9 window minimising back - where it goes into
>the title bar at a click! It is too hard to get used to fishing
>the things out of the dock (the mouse has to move further, the
>dock has to be activated - I have mine disappear when not used,
>etc etc).
>How to do this the simplest way please?

Use Unsanity's WindowShade haxie 
<http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/6485>. Many swear by the 
usefulness of their products.

I remain leery of the impact of their methodology on the system's 
stability but have no experience with the line-up in recent months.
'tis as said. [Reality is defined by being described]

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