[X-Newbies] Installing Localized Dictionaries for Thunderbird 1.0.7

Brian Durant globetrotterdk at gmail.com
Sun Dec 25 01:16:38 PST 2005

I am trying to follow the installation instructions at:


Unfortunately, I am not having much luck. I am trying to install a
Danish dictionary from the list, but regardless as to whether I use
the "drop URL" method or downloading the file and adding it to the
"extensions" pane, nothing shows up in the pane when I restart
Thunderbird. I also need to install an OpenOffice.org Indonesian
dictionary for spell checking in Indonesian to work. I downloaded the
dictionary and unzipped the file as per instructions, but then the
instructions state:

"To install the OpenOffice.org dictionaries, copy the *.dic and *.aff
files from the zip file to the components/myspell directory of your
Thunderbird installation.

Where is this components/myspell directory? I can't find any. Where
should I create it if necessary?

Very confusing

Happy Holidays,


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