[X-Newbies] Mail deleting unread messages in the Inbox

kd00311 at yahoo.com kd00311 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 17 09:48:47 PST 2005

> > On Jan 16, 2005, at 11:26 AM, Richard Bienvenu wrote:
> >
> >> For reasons I cannot understand Apple's Mail app has taken to 
> >> deleting _all_ of the messages in the Inbox when I click on one of
> >> them. Has anyone experienced this odd and destructive behavior?

I use Thunderbird exclusively, have been for probably a year or so, and
just the other day I deleted ONE email and it started going down thru
the inbox files automatically deleting msgs! I had to quit in order for
it to stop. Hasn't happened before or since. Don't know if this is
related with what's happening to you or not... and anyway, I don't have
a solution.
I'm just hoping it doesn't happen again.

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