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Kirk McElhearn kirklists at wanadoo.fr
Sat Oct 8 13:21:26 PDT 2005

On Oct 8, 2005, at 10:01 PM, Tony Johansen wrote:

> I have spent quite a lot of time on their website. There is a  
> version for
> very young children called Kidspiration and one for older children  
> + adults.
> The website, however principally talks about children and adult  
> educators
> working with children. Their whole focus is education and student  
> based even
> though I am sure the software is perfectly usable for all sorts of  
> things by
> non-teacher adults, but the website info is poor on other info and  
> appears
> to be aimed at the widest possible range of age groups, the tools  
> in the
> software appear to  have oversized icons that would appeal to kids,  
> and the
> way the mind map diagrams are constructed is in a simplified, but  
> seemingly
> easier for students to understand manner. The icons and images have  
> a 'for
> kids' look that I am not so keen on, and maybe a bit of a Windows  
> or Mac OS
> 9 look about it too (I am one of these people who did not like  
> computers at
> all until OS X came along). Also, a website that is full of  
> photographs of
> smiling kids is a put off for me. The kid size tool icons would  
> annoy me
> every time I looked at them, it is software that I would not enjoy  
> looking
> at every day.

Did you download the demo and try it? I don't get what you're saying  
about "kid size tool icons". Would you like me to send you an article  
I wrote about Inspiration for Macworld a couple of years ago? If so,  
contact me off-list.


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