[X-Newbies] bookmarks/mail importing?

Cornett cornett at gol.com
Fri Oct 14 23:54:59 PDT 2005

X-Noob Listas Gurus All
G'day to All

A query, on X.2.8 in Safari it seems there is no builtin way of 
my ol' Bookmarks and the Help suggested way(convoluted) doesn't seem to 
for me either, even with an Exported Safari Bookmarks saved file from 
and even tho all my other browsers(ie; Camino, Opera, Netscape, 
FireFox, with
no IE or Entourage/MS found or installed here) have all imported them 
all of
them very user-friendly well. And I may add that using URLManager Pro 
is the
best all'round way to go, but the coins for that goodie haven't popped 
up yet.

Also, would anyone be aware of a reason for Safari in X.2.8 to be 
enough to stop working following an install of either; Palm Desktop, 
Conduet, Safari de-Bugger, or the Safari MailScripts v 1.3.7? fyi- I've
since, removed all those located in Login items, and de-installed the
de-Bugger Enabler and trashed the MailScripts and apple.safari.plist,
restarted and now Safari boots well. but I'm afraid to re-install or re-
enable any of the above addon questionable items for a fear that Safari
will become unhappy enough to stop booting altogether once again.

While I'm here, it may be prudent to ask what is/are the usual way to 
all my mail from X.3.9's Mail to X.2.8's Mail by using a Zip drive(not 
mails do 'member I'm an X-noob), and which files are the needed one's 
to move?,
most likely found in my User Folder(I guess)?, and are the locations 
the same
in both of my used X Systems(on different LEM Macs)?

Other questions for you X Gurus(tho not too far OT ;=)), so Please 
me) are on OS9.2.2 and it's own needed files for a better use with OSX 
Classic GUI, and all somehow tied in specifically with using OS9's 
Update application to recieve the needed update files, what are the 
names of
the files?, and is it absolutely necessary to use SWU to get them?, and 
them installed thru that process?, or is it possible to download and 
them myself?, any workarounds(as I've not yet started Classic from 
within X
nor ventured out on the Net while booted in OS9(altho I boot off-line 
and do
use alot of apps there) since installing X, hence the questions.

Any help, advise, ideas or suggestions, will be much appreciated. TIA

Respectful of GURUs
Bill Cornett


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