[X-Newbies] Word not working

Vincent Cayenne vcayenne at mac.com
Tue Oct 25 13:34:14 PDT 2005

At 3:10 PM +1000 10/25/05, Tony Johansen wrote:
>I have tried trashing the Word settings folder as I discovered that trying
>to open that also produces the spinning ball, but that did not help anyway,
>Tried restarting the machine, and tried pulling my hair out, but all seem to
>be equally ineffective.
>Unfortunately I never use Word so am totally unfamiliar with the program and
>have no idea how to help her further. The problem is totally in her account.

Try using Font Finagler to rebuild the font caches and Font Book to 
search for and disable damaged fonts. Sorry to skimp on details but 
I'm between meetings...
'tis as said. [Reality is defined by being described]

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