[X-Newbies] Moving Netscape mail files via Firewire

Crandon David tabdave at comcast.net
Wed Oct 26 08:48:15 PDT 2005

While I do appreciate your desire to stay with whatever is  
comfortable for you (I do the same, I'm always the last to ugrade), I  
stronly  feel you should stop using Nestcape and move to Safari and  

I just last weekend moved my 76 yr old mother from what exactly you  
are using to OSX. I was very worried about it, as was she, but she  
love it!


On Oct 25, 2005, at 10:42 AM, Linda Blundell wrote:

> I recently purchased a new iMac, running Tiger, and need some  
> advice regarding my Netscape files. I hope there is someone on the  
> list who uses Netscape (sometimes I feel like I am the only one  
> left in the universe!) who might be able to help me.
> I am moving from an old iMac (circa 2002, on which I could switch  
> between OS 9 and OS X). I mostly used OS 9 because that is what I  
> was comfortable with, but now that most of my clients are moving  
> on, I am going to do the same. My browser and e-mail program of  
> choice has been Netscape (again, because it is what I am  
> comfortable using, and have been for years), and I have downloaded  
> a version of Netscape (7.2) that works on Tiger. I have been using  
> the browser, and it looks very similar to what I was using in OS 9,  
> and feels stable, so I want to move my e-mail onto the new computer  
> so I can finally stop using the old one, except when it is needed  
> for something OS 9 vintage.
> The salesman who helped with my iMac purchase told me I could  
> transfer the files from one computer to the other one using a  
> Firewire cable, which I have purchased. He didn't give me much in  
> the way of instructions, but said something about bringing up the  
> new system, holding down the "t" key, and that my hard drive from  
> the old computer would appear on the desktop of the new one. I  
> think I can handle that, but I have no idea where the destination  
> should be for the old mail files on the new computer. In the OS 9  
> version, all of the mail files appeared in the Preferences folder,  
> but as far as I can tell, there is no such folder in Tiger. Also,  
> if it is possible to move the files, will I still need to set up  
> the mail accounts in the new Netscape or will they be set up by  
> moving the files alone?
> Thanks for any help anyone might be able to provide.
> Best regards,
> Linda
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