[X-Newbies] Graphic Converter w/Tiger

J themacintoshlady at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 26 11:06:01 PDT 2005

Graphic Converter came as a free application on this new Powerbook G4  
with Tiger.
I have used it for a long time but never for 'batch' converting.

Now that I have the task of converting CDs full of photos for a site  
I am working on I wonder what I am doing wrong when I try to have  
GCon do multiple operations during one converting session? So far  
I've had to run the converter over and over to get what I need.

Here is what I am doing to numerous poorly-named and very large .tiff  
files that have different orientations:

First I manually sort them according to wide or long, and when I do  
the resizing, I let the software make them max 300px wide times  
proportional... This keeps the file large enough to see the quality  
of the photo, but still basically not usable for anything once the  
stamp is on  it.

Destination file type is .jpg

Text stamp is 'Sample'

Renaming is 000001autumn.jpg or similar depending on subject matter  
(that was a little tough to figure out but once I did, works great)

But I have found I have to do these operations one at a time....is  
there a way to set up the batch that I am missing? I tried it but  
something is always missing when I see the results.


BTW, she did not want thumbs, but GCon could have done that too.

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