[X-Newbies] Re: Megabytes downloaded in Mail

Aldo Johnson deetya at cbn.net.id
Thu Oct 27 21:05:10 PDT 2005

First, thanks to Charles Martin for answering my plea.

Second, if I'm still not satisfied with this level of megabyte info,  
is there an E-mail app that does show how many megabytes of e-mail  
I'm downloading? Eudora? Thunderbird? Entourage?

Thanks in advance to all the good people of X-newbies :-)

>> From: Aldo Johnson <deetya at cbn.net.id>
>> is there a way to find out how many megabytes of e-mail I'm
>> downloading using the Mail.app? So when I download the activity
>> viewer would say something like "downloading 5 of 50 e-mails, 7
>> megabytes total" or something like that?

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