[X-Newbies] Moving Netscape mail files via Firewire

Linda Blundell airedalean at swbell.net
Wed Oct 26 16:14:53 PDT 2005

Thanks to all who have helped me with this. I did move the files via a 
FireWire cable, and was able to open my Netscape and mail folders, and 
everything appeared fine. However, when I went back later and opened it 
again, there seems to be a problem somewhere because the small arrows 
that normally appear just to the left of each e-mail address have 
disappeared, on which a click turns the arrow down, showing the Inbox, 
Drafts, Templates, Sent, and Trash folders, and there isn't a way to get 
to the e-mail without them. Any ideas? I'll probably send in a query to 
the Netscape FAQ group, but I just thought I'd ask, in case anyone might 
know what might have happened.

As I said, thanks to all for their help.

Best regards,


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