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Wed Oct 26 16:28:12 PDT 2005

On Oct 26, 2005, at 4:04 PM, <jeffrey.anderson at auab.centaf.af.mil>  
<jeffrey.anderson at auab.centaf.af.mil> wrote:
> My wife has an Ibook running Panther and is trying run a web-based  
> messenger with me while I’m away.  She has tried it in Safari,  
> Camino and IE and all of them give the same response. The messenger  
> is a java based (Bantu) pop-up and it will start loading and then  
> crash shortly thereafter. She has tried downloaded and installing  
> all sorts of JAVA updates (lots of them probably wrong). ...
According to the Bantu FAQ Javascript also needs to be turned on, is  
it? (This is set on the "Security" tab of Safari's preferences. Java  
can also be turned on or off here.)

Any version of Java 1.1 or newer is all that's need so the version  
she has shouldn't be an issue for the Bantu software. Is her OS X  
installation up to date, i.e. has she installed 10.3.9? If so there  
is an issue that can cause Java to crash. The most recent Java update  
for 10.3.9 addresses this problem:


This KB article explains the update and tells you how to reset some  
Java related things - which she may need to do.


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