[X-Newbies] FW: Messenger not working

jeffrey.anderson at auab.centaf.af.mil jeffrey.anderson at auab.centaf.af.mil
Wed Oct 26 16:04:16 PDT 2005

My wife has an Ibook running Panther and is trying run a web-based
messenger with me while I'm away.  She has tried it in Safari, Camino
and IE and all of them give the same response.  The messenger is a java
based (Bantu) pop-up and it will start loaded and then crash shortly
thereafter.  She has tried downloaded and installing all sorts of JAVA
updates (lots of them probably wrong).  I need to know how to "start
from scratch".  How do you delete all of the Java stuff (and if
necessary, browsers), and start over...or is there a built in recovery
tool that can take the OS back to when I first got it?...I know I'm
asking a lot but I'm far away and normally do things by "messing with
it"...  Thanks



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