[X-Newbies] Moving Netscape mail files via Firewire

Andrew J. Yon III ayon2 at sc.rr.com
Fri Oct 28 21:02:15 PDT 2005

> On Oct 26, 2005, at 11:48 AM, Crandon David wrote:
> While I do appreciate your desire to stay with whatever is  
> comfortable for you (I do the same, I'm always the last to ugrade),  
> I stronly  feel you should stop using Nestcape and move to Safari  
> and Mail.

  Yep, I agree. well, strongly, anyway.  After the cave man invented  
the wheel, he finally moved on. This time with a lot more speed and  
ease. Now he could take the woman back to his cave faster and was  
easier than having to drag her all the way back by the hair.

All jokes aside ; yes, you can move everything over that way. I would  
do it in the opposite manner, though.  I would start the older  
machine in "Target "  mode and import with the new Mail.app .  
But........,  from what I gather below, you need netscape to import  
netscape. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Just going by Help's memo.

  I stopped using anything other than mail.app along about 10.1.5 . I  
currently use 10.4.2 and mail.app 2.0.3 (734)  Copyright © 2005 Apple  
Computer, Inc., .

  I have 6 email accounts. 2 each on each of three different servers.  
Roadrunner business account, Roadrunner std. domestic domicile  
account, .mac business, .mac personal, my domain biz and my domain  
personal. Each account has 7 email addresses. I give out the  
addresses, to a tailored list, to coincide with the email addresses.  
So, if I get an email addressed to "my.biz.shipping at mybizdomain.com ,  
I already know that email has something to do with something I  
ordered and is in need of my attention. I have rules, filters, and  
smart folders set up to snag the incoming emails and place them in an  
appropriate folder, to further assist me,  to read in an organized  
method , especially for when I have a big project going and have to  
order needed products from several vendors and need to do it over  
several such orders. It helps in tracking and often returning some  
items is made easier by knowing in advance which one folder to open,  
first, to find an email that has the RMA instructions in it for that  
item. If there is still confusion, Spotlight, built right in to  
mail.app, helps me locate it in a mater of seconds.  With 42 email  
addresses and numerous emails per address, it is a breeze to find  
what I want, quickly. My personal life's and my two business' emails  
are presorted and separated accordingly and yet visible on only one  
window. There are many ways to do this sort of thing and to each his  
own. I guess that is why I like Mail.app . It is versatile enough to  
handle most methods.

Hope this helps.

Mail.help says :


Open Mail and choose File > Import Mailboxes. Select the mail  
application from which you want to import your old messages. Follow  
the onscreen instructions.
Some of the options listed require that you have the application you  
are importing from (such as Entourage, Outlook Express, or Claris  
Emailer) open and running.

If you're importing messages from a Windows or UNIX computer, try  
selecting "Other" at the bottom of the Import window. Locate the  
folder containing your mbox files, unless you are importing from  
Eudora or Netscape. Many mail applications use the "mbox" format, but  
Eudora and Netscape use their own import formats. Mailboxes from  
Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express for the PC can't be  
imported into Mail.

If the application you're switching from isn't listed, click Cancel.  
Consult the documentation for the other application to learn how to  
export your messages in "mbox" format. Most mail applications can do  
this. You can then import the mailbox file into Mail by choosing File  
 > Import Mailboxes.

<end quote>


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