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Raoul Armfield armfield at amnh.org
Mon Apr 24 13:40:58 PDT 2006

Brian Durant wrote:
> 5 KB is totally unrealistic. It is very much the norm on most tech 
> related e-mail lists and in many cases necessary to maintain the thread 
> properly as it progresses. This isn't a bandwidth issue either. Listmom 
> could just keep those footers off every mail if it is so important to 
> stay under 5 KB.

Most of the list I subscribe to ask that you trim excess information of 
the reply.  Many people that subscribe to mailing lists use a email 
client that sorts by thread or in some other way keep track of it.  I 
know I for one do not want to see every email sent on the topic 
especially if I have copies of the original messages on my computer 
anyway.  Plus it is not only a bandwidth issue it is a storage issue. 
5kb is not much by itself but when you multiply it by 1000s of 
subscribers it adds up quickly.

Raoul Armfield
rarmfield at amnh dot org

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