[X-Newbies] MAC VIRUS

Richard Ramsowr r.ramsowr at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 17 15:54:30 PST 2006

There is some good feedback on MacDailyNews, the site
can be found by googleing the name. It's a good link
to bookmark - they usually know abiyt PC virus before
the P{C types do.

Anyway it a overblown story!


--- carwesg at aol.com wrote:

> Just got an e-mail informing that there is a Virus
> for us, MAc users!!!
> What do you think?  I thought a G5 having a firewall
> was protected!
> Are we protected or should we protect ourselves and
> how?
> Any feedback on this?
> Thanks,
> Carole
> New Worm Aims at Macs
> SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 16 (Reuters) ? A malicious
> computer worm has been 
> found that singles out Apple Computer's Mac OS X
> operating system, 
> believed to be the first such virus aimed
> specifically at the Mac 
> platform.
> The worm is called OSX/Leap-A, according to a
> posting on the Web site 
> of the antivirus software company Sophos, which said
> the worm was 
> spread via Apple's iChat instant messaging program.
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