[X-Newbies] MAC VIRUS

J themacintoshlady at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 21 13:33:07 PST 2006

This is true. I am usually so busy that I am too curt with my posts  
if anything and I think that leaves room for misunderstandings.

My phone is ringing off the hook, I am working on 2 or 3 projects at  
once, and in between, there is laundry and such...

But one thing is clear, there is a virus or two out there, and a  
little caution should protect you until there is an actual fix which  
I would expect someone to post to this list as soon as they discover it.

On Feb 21, 2006, at 4:12 PM, Norman Cohen wrote:

> I think Jane understands that it is important to be a bit more  
> clear in her communications.

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