[X-Newbies] MAC VIRUS

Norman Cohen nacohen at mac.com
Tue Feb 21 13:23:50 PST 2006

And now MacWorld has weighed in:


I'd suggest also checking out the web safety suggestions at Apple's  
site referenced in the MacWorld article:


Norman A. Cohen
nacohen at mac.com

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On Feb 21, 2006, at 13:12 PM, Norman Cohen wrote:

> And on that note, there does appear to be a new security threat  
> associated with Safari, where downloading a "safe" file that  
> actually hides a certain type of shell script can lead to the shell  
> script automatically running. A malicious shell script could do all  
> sorts of bad things, like, say, erasing your whole user directory.  
> I'd say that this is probably a fair bit worse than the Oompa  
> Loompa worm. I would expect Apple to address this fairly quickly,  
> but in the meantime would suggest that everyone turn off "Open  
> "safe" files after downloading" option in the General Pane of  
> Safari preferences. Then check the file information for the  
> downloaded file before opening it. In the case of a sample exploit,  
> the filename indicates that the file is a picture; however, under  
> file preview in Column View in the Finder, the file is described as  
> a Unix Executable File. This exploit can also occur with Mail.app,  
> but there is not an easy fix for that at this point.
> <http://www.heise.de/english/newsticker/news/69862> for more  
> information.

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