[X-Newbies] Brother Printer

John McGibney ncicchek at optonline.net
Wed Oct 24 09:21:18 PDT 2007

Does the printer have internal setup controls? ie: setting print  
times, network settings.....
Check to see that the printer is set up to print immediately.
How is the printer connected? usb, network, usb to parallel cable?
Are you sure you're using the print driver setting instead of the fax  
setting in Print Setup?

Link to Brother FAQ page:


On Oct 24, 2007, at 10:34 AM, Peter Saint James wrote:

> 	I am trying to use a Brother MFC 7420 printer.  My computer  
> recognizes it.  When I try to print something the printer software  
> says it has printed.  The job shows up in the list of completed  
> jobs.  However, the printer does absolutely nothing.  It does not  
> print the piece.  What's the problem?
> 	TIA.
> 	I'm running Tiger on an Al Powerbook.
> 							Peter
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