[X-Newbies] BBC NEWS | Technology | Apple pushes anti-virus for Macs

Michael Winter winter at mac.com
Tue Dec 2 20:38:46 PST 2008

On Dec 2, 2008, at 3:38 PM, Randy B. Singer wrote:

> and we all know that it is imminent, because we have been told that  
> it is imminent by Windows apologists and "security experts" for 8  
> years now

I think its been a bit longer than that...

I think the last actual virus I saw on a Mac was the Word macro virus,  
and that was 1995(?). I know we've been hearing about that imminent  
threat since at least then.

Just out of curiosity, when was the last time any of you actually saw  
a Mac infected with a worm or virus "in the wild"?


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