[X Servers] Running headless at a co-lo

Chris Long clong at lib.drury.edu
Sat May 17 13:54:58 PDT 2003

I've been using Apple Remote Desktop for about 6 months to do this sort 
of thing, though the first server was not in another building but in 
another room, because I was tired of walking down the hall. :-)

It works very well, and I have since started using it on a G3 server 
that I run headlessly in my office, and I've used it a number of times 
on different projects, including our current Quicktime stream of the 
commencement ceremonies.  The connection seems a bit slow from the DSL 
at my house, but on campus it works extremely well.  I don't know what 
your network speed is, but you can tweak the settings for performance 

I would want some desktop access because, just as you said, I don't 
like trying to do everything from SSH.

Best of luck.

On Saturday, May 17, 2003, at 01:34 PM, James Bucanek wrote:

> Greetings,
> I'm looking into getting an XServe that will run headless at a 
> co-location center.
> My question is acess to the desktop.  Does XServe come bundled with 
> any kind of virtual desktop software, like Apple's Remote Desktop 
> product?  I see that the server management software will run remotely, 
> but I'm afraid I'd need a little more intimate access to the OS 
> without making a physical trip to the co-lo site.  And I'd rather not 
> try to do *everything* from an SSH session.
> Does anyone have experience running an XServe in such an environment?  
> Is desktop access even a big issue?
> Thanks,
> James

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