smb.conf configuration Q's

Christopher Jensen cj at
Thu Apr 8 06:16:16 PDT 2004

i have a G5 tower that is being used for a fileserver for 3 people as 
well as a light-use desktop machine.  the fileserver clients are a mix 
of Windows XP Pro and OS 10.3 users.  my issue is with the "create 
mode" in the [global] section of smb.conf.  the man pages and all the 
reference i could find says that if you specify "create mode = 0777" in 
the global you can facilitate everyone saving files to the share with 
full access, which is what i want as default, with particular shares' 
create mode being overwritten in later share sections of the .conf 

the problem is, the files are being written 0700, and i can't seem to 
change that.  can someone give me a copy of the default smb.conf file 
with just the modifications necessary to allow 0777 permissions as a 
default setting?

thanks in advance!
Chris Jensen
Vis Dynamics, Inc.
e: chris at
p: 616.456.6566x28

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