[X-Unix] Apple dumping IBM, moving to Intel

William H. Magill magill at mcgillsociety.org
Sat Jun 4 17:06:10 PDT 2005

On 04 Jun, 2005, at 00:24, Rad Craig wrote:

> A friend just sent this to me, thought ti might interest those of  
> you who haven't heard about it yet:

Sigh... the boneyard of the computer industry is littered with  
companies who thought they could implement multiple operating systems  
across multiple architectures.

 From UNIVAC, DEC and Compaq to Sun and HP -- they are now all has- 

IBM is the only vendor who has managed to stay alive across multiple  
architectures ... but just barely.

One would hope that Jobs would learn from history... Apple has plenty  
of experience available to it -- I know that many of its Engineers  
have "been there and done that" -- they came from those has-beens.

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