[X-Unix] Re: Apple dumping IBM, moving to Intel

Alexandre Gauthier supernaut at underwares.org
Mon Jun 6 12:14:13 PDT 2005

Richard Nagle wrote:

>The sad things, is that all Mac from past to currently,
>what is on the assembly line, are now obsolete. (just like that....)
I highly doubt it, see below.

>Why would you speed $3-5000 for a trickup G5,
>when next year, you can go to walmart and buy a PC for $399.00
>and run, the new version of 10.5 on it.
I don't think this means they are making OS X for x86 *PCs*. They will 
most likely still use OpenFirmware and/or lock people in to these 
specific machines -- remember the ROM card anyone? Yes you, the old Mac 
dude with the beard. (Okay well, I remember that I don't have a beard, 
but you know...)

>³intel inside² <barf>
I indeed taste bile reaching my taste buds, but future will tell how 
this turns out.

I actually just read about the WWDC, and it's very interesting... I'm 
actually waiting to see how this turns out :)

Most importantly they are not dumping PPC -- they say they will still 
have products running on that -- more choice means more power to us, see 
it that way. And with FAT-esque binaries for both PPC and x86, and OS X 
running on x86 for the past five years... should be fun in the end, perhaps.

I don't know, I'm being optimistic.

>Hey, remember Vtech school, I bet you they are piss off...
>$4 Million.... please.

I don't =/
I suppose my eBeard is not long enough...

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