[X-Unix] Apple dumping IBM, moving to Intel

James Bucanek subscriber at gloaming.com
Tue Jun 7 08:16:22 PDT 2005

Cloyce D. Spradling wrote on Tuesday, June 7, 2005:
>As for Intel-based Macs, I was hoping that they'd keep open firmware and
>friends, since MacOS X doesn't really NEED the 1980's-style BIOS.

I'd be really (and I mean *really*) surprised if Apple changed their fundamental motherboard and BIOS.  After all, Apple has to maintain both platforms for years to come, which means maintaining OS X, drivers, and friends for both architectures.  Apple likes hardware consistency.

>Based on
>comments from an Apple exec stating that they wouldn't do anything to
>prevent Windows from running on an Intel Mac, I'm afraid that we're going
>to get the same crappy PC (from the inside) as everyone else.

I don't see how you arrive at this conclusion.  It's essentially the same situation we have now with PPC Macs.  Apple doesn't "prevent" you from installing FreeBDS or Gentoo Linux.  The guys and gals in the Linux camp had to rewrite their kernal to work with the current Mac BIOS.  Saying that Apple won't prevent Windows from running on an Intel Mac is not saying that Apple will be shoving Windows compatible hardware off the assembly line.  It means that they're not going to try and do anything in hardware or software that would *prevent* Microsoft from developing an IIMac (Intel Inside Mac) version of Windows.  Anymore than they "prevent" Linux or Virtual PC from running on a Mac today.

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