[X-Unix] zip from command-line in Tiger

Stephen Jonke sjj_public at mac.com
Fri Jun 24 08:52:33 PDT 2005

I thought that command-line tools in Tiger were suppose to be Mac/ 
resource-fork-savvy? Is the zip command not included in this, or am I  
missing something? When I zip an applescript application at the  
command-line and then unzip it, I end up with what the Finder thinks  
is a "classic application", which I presume indicates that the  
resource fork was not preserved.

There's an oddity. The man page for zip says that there is a -S  
option which: "Includes finder invisible files, which are ignored  
otherwise". But when I try to use this option it returns an error  
saying that it is an invalid option. Have I somehow ended up with an  
out of date zip command? "which zip" says it is in /usr/bin

Or to put this another way, what does the "Archive" command in the  
Finder do? I want to do that from the command-line.


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