[X-Unix] zip from command-line in Tiger

Stroller MacMonster at myrealbox.com
Fri Jun 24 11:47:42 PDT 2005

On Jun 24, 2005, at 4:52 pm, Stephen Jonke wrote:

> I thought that command-line tools in Tiger were suppose to be 
> Mac/resource-fork-savvy? Is the zip command not included in this, or 
> am I missing something? When I zip an applescript application at the 
> command-line and then unzip it, I end up with what the Finder thinks 
> is a "classic application", which I presume indicates that the 
> resource fork was not preserved.
> There's an oddity. The man page for zip says that there is a -S option 
> which: "Includes finder invisible files, which are ignored otherwise". 
> But when I try to use this option it returns an error saying that it 
> is an invalid option. Have I somehow ended up with an out of date zip 
> command? "which zip" says it is in /usr/bin

The zip command doesn't appear to have a man page on my system, despite 
being installed as part of the developer tools. However:

	$ zip -h
	Copyright (C) 1990-1996 Mark Adler, Richard B. Wales, Jean-loup Gailly
	Onno van der Linden and Kai Uwe Rommel. Type 'zip -L' for the software 
	Zip 2.1 (April 27th 1996). Usage:
	zip [-options] [-b path] [-t mmddyy] [-n suffixes] [zipfile list] [-xi 
	  The default action is to add or replace zipfile entries from list, 
	  can include the special name - to compress standard input.
	  If zipfile and list are omitted, zip compresses stdin to stdout.
	  -f   freshen: only changed files  -u   update: only changed or new 

I find that on my system `zip -rv Applications/iChatAV/` behaves as you 
might expect - are you using the -r option?


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