[X-Unix] New Mini / Old Mini -- As a server

Dave Higgins dhiggins at mchsi.com
Wed Mar 1 12:05:09 PST 2006

So  everyone is poo-pooing about the integrated graphics on the new  
Mini, but that shouldn't really come into play when used as a low- 
volume server (in my case, about 20 rarely hit sites and about 30  
email accounts), other than encroaching a bit on the memory, which  
added RAM could overcome.

Any thoughts on what the differences might be with the Core Solo or  
Duo (vs. PPC) when it comes to underlying UNIX operations, like  
Apache, PostFix, FTP, and shell or perl scripts? And would there even  
be much advantage to using the Duo over the Solo for UNIX chores?

I'm wondering if anyone has run any comparison tests with an iMac or  
MacBook Pro so far as it relates to the server / UNIX aspects.

Or would we do just as well to simply grab one of the PPC Minis that  
will soon be showing up on E-Bay and save a couple / few hundred?


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